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Who We Treat - Babies

Although natural, the birth process is a physically stressful event for the baby's body (and the mother's!). Considerable forces come to bear on the baby from the contracting uterus and bones of the pelvis, as he or she passes through the birth canal. At the Clapham Osteopathic Practice we specialise in treating babies using cranial osteopathy, which is safe and effective. Treating newborn babies after birth can have exceptional results as babies' bodies are in a continual process of change.

Cranial osteopathy is very gentle and safe for babies of any age, from just a few days old to weeks and months. If your baby does not have any particular problems and you would just like to bring them in for a check-up, we recommend that they see us at around 4-6 weeks old.

Difficult births can also leave mothers in a fragile state, some gentle cranial osteopathic techniques to ease tension in the pelvis and other areas may be very beneficial. If you are not sure whether cranial osteopathy is right for you and you would like to discuss treatment with us, please call our clinic or e-mail us with your queries.

Please be aware that osteopathy does not claim to cure medical conditions, however many patients find that osteopathic treatment helps to reduce pain, improve function and increase mobility.