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Biodynamic Osteopathy

Biodynamic Osteopathy

What is Biodynamic Osteopathy?

The Biodynamics of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (Biodynamic Osteopathy) is a philosophy and treatment modality building on the life work and experiences of William Garner Sutherland D.O., the founder of Cranial Osteopathy, and his protégés.

How is it different?

If osteopathy is based in anatomy, biodynamics is based in embryology (the study of the formation and growth of the body in utero). Embryology is a biological example of vitalistic forces at work guiding formation, gene expression and replication in the foetus. These forces can be compared to the chef creating a meal, without the chef there are only raw ingredients (Erich Blechschmidt M.D. - embryologist). The biodynamic cranial osteopath looks to use these vitalistic forces to help the body heal itself.

How does it work?

According to James Jealous D.O., the founder of Biodynamic Osteopathy, the forces that guide embryogenesis are the same forces that become the agents of health and healing after we are born. The rhythms that cranial osteopaths feel for are all expressions of this primal force, which Dr Sutherland called "Primary Respiration" - the breathing or rhythmic movement of the body which is present in utero before we take our first (thoracic) breath. Primary respiration is the rhythm of life that underlies all movement in the body. By connecting with the expression of primary respiration in the patient's body (through the involuntary motion), the biodynamic cranial osteopath engages with their body's own self-healing mechanism.

What do Biodynamic Cranial Osteopaths treat?

Biodynamic cranial osteopaths treat the whole body using the same original principles laid down by Andrew Taylor Still M.D. (the founder of osteopathy) and Dr Sutherland, in the same way that cranial osteopaths do. Treatment is based on harmonising with these integral forces and helping them to express more fully, allowing a greater expression of health.

What is the training?

Elizabeth Kane and Abby Mulholland attend postgraduate courses in biodynamic osteopathy in the UK. This includes training in cranial, maternal and paediatric biodynamic osteopathic techniques. Elizabeth and Abby are fully qualified, registered osteopaths.

What is the history?

It is the life work of American osteopath James Jealous D.O., a teacher and clinician who emphasises the importance of the body in its environment, as part of the natural world. Dr Jealous' work follows the teaching lineage of Dr Still and Dr Sutherland and osteopaths who worked with and learned from Dr Sutherland, such as: Dr Rollin Becker, Dr Thomas Schooley, Dr Anne Wales and Dr Ruby Day. It is Dr Jealous' aim to continue this lineage by handing down the teachings he learned from these osteopaths, and from his own meticulous research and extensive clinical experience, to D.O.'s and M.D.'s wishing to practise in this way. Biodynamic cranial osteopathy predates all other forms of 'biodynamic' cranial-sacral, craniosacral, sacro-occipital and somato-emotional release therapies.