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Opening Times & Fees

Practice Hours

Monday8am - 8pm
Tuesday8am - 8pm
Wednesday8am - 8pm
Thursday8am - 8pm
Friday8am - 8pm
Saturday9am - 2pm

Practice Fees


1st Appointment  for Adults                                                                 £70 - 60 minutes

1st Appointment  for Children                                                              £60 - 60 minutes              

Follow-Up Appointments for Adults                                                     £62 - 30 minutes 

Follow-Up Appointments for Children                                                 £52 - 30 minutes

1st Appointment Remote (telephone or video)                                    £35

Follow up remote appointment (telephone or video)                           £30  

(Patients under the age of 16 are considered children.

Mummy MOT

1st appointment (ideally > 6 weeks post partum)                                 £95 - 60minutes

We are registered with most health insurance companies. Often they will pay for the 


Massage                                                                         £60 - 60minutes 

(Patients under the age of 16 are considered children.)

If you are using private healthcare insurance we advise you to check with your insurers prior to booking an appointment, as you may need a referral from your doctor.

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