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Some of the things our lovely clients have said about us...

"Friendly and thorough approach to the problem I had with my achilles and the treatment received made a big difference" (Therapist - Chiara Berton)


"I was treated by Kerry during my pregnancy because I was suffering from pelvic pain while walking. Her treatment made a huge difference which meant that I was able to enjoy my pregnancy with minimal discomfort."


"Kerry helped me to recover physically from the pregnancy and birth of my first child. I had back pain from an epidural and pelvic pain from the pressure of the pregnancy. Thank you Kerry" 


Elizabeth - "The treatment was indeed very helpful. You have done such a great job and worked your magic! My left leg is no longer painful and I can exercise again. I have been really amazed by the speedy recovery. I have recommended you to my friends and will definitely visit you again when I have pain."

Ms I Fournier

"I have been having treatment with Elizabeth for a while now having suffered from long term back problems following an injury a few years ago. Having tried physiotherapy, yoga, pilates and chiropractors I decided to give osteopathy a go. Elizabeth made me feel instantly relaxed and provides a professional and friendly service. She has managed to reduce my pain levels and increase my mobility significantly with her treatments. I have found her to be very focused and thoughtful as on occasions she will initiate something different in a treatment as she has spent time contemplating my specific ailments. She is keen to get me on the road to recovery and has an understanding of what that entails. I would recommend her highly to anyone interested in trying osteopathy for the first time."

Mrs L. Sherry

"I have been seeing Abby for over 4 years and been treated for back pain following 2 difficult pregnancies and births. I have also had treatment for RSI in my wrist and massage for knotted back and neck muscles and stress. Abby is professional and helpful , always going the extra mile to research and develop therapies to achieve the best results. I have recommended Abby to friends and am grateful for her help."

Mrs A. Patrick

"I have been seeing Elizabeth at Clapham Osteopathic Practice since a lower back pain became unbearable in October '13. Ever since then she has been guardian to my spine/whole body wellbeing. Unfortunately my body gets completely used up with work, hairdressing will always be challenging to spinal health! Thankfully Elizabeth's magic hands and cranial work help my body get back to balance an alignment. I now see her as and when my body calls for it, but thankfully that pesky lower back pain is a thing of the past!"

Ms C. Tullett