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The Elderly

Who We Treat - The Elderly

Nowadays people are living longer and fuller lives, which means that our bodies experience greater stresses and strains during our lifetime. As we get older there is no reason why we can't carry on being active and mobile, enjoying the things we do. Unfortunately our bodies are more prone to aches and pains - often a minor injury can be quite debilitating. As the body ages joints can wear and muscles weaken, which may result in musculoskeletal aches and pains, but this does not mean that the body cannot adapt to deal with worn or damaged areas. The forces of healing are still intact, perhaps things take a little longer to mend, but health is always present. At the Clapham Osteopathic Practice our aim is to get you back in your stride, active and mobile again as quickly as possible.

One of the most common conditions we treat is arthritic pain (through normal wear and tear). Many of our patients find that cranial osteopathic treatment reduces the pain of arthritis and improves the mobility of affected joints. We also provide annual check-ups to keep everything ticking over, a bit like an MOT for your body.

Please be aware that osteopathy does not claim to cure medical conditions, however many patients find that osteopathic treatment helps to reduce pain, improve function and increase mobility.